Beginning Classes

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Sarah Dole

Nov. 9


The Shamanic

Sarah Dole

Nov. 11-12

10 AM - 5 PM



Death, Dying
and Beyond

Sarah Dole

Jan. 6-7 in San Francisco


With over 40 years of spiritual practice, I find that shamanism offers effective tools people can use for self empowerment, healing and clarity.

Since 2000, I've offered healing and instruction to hundreds of people. I love seeing the positive changes that people experience in their relationships, their health and their self esteem.

I offer classes, circles and a personal mentorship program as well as shamanic healing sessions.

If you would like to attend a workshop in Sebastopol or sponsor a workshop in your area, please email Sarah at:

Individual instruction is also available.

From a student & client:

“Thank you for holding a loving, open and safe space! I really feel it’s safe to be open to spirit. It means so much to me!”                                                       
Z.Ann, Business Administrator

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