As a shamanic practitioner and teacher, I offer workshops in shamanic journeying and advanced healing techniques throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I practice shamanic healing in my Northern California studio. Through meditation, shamanic journeying, and healing techniques, I am honored to have helped hundreds of people achieve positive change in their lives and higher understanding of their rightful place in the universe.

Spiritual practice has been a way of life for me for more than 40 years. Connecting with universe, expanding consciousness, and practicing kindness are at the heart of my journey.

The art and practice of shamanism came to me decades ago. I am blessed to have intensely studied and participated in shamanic practices with excellent teachers and healers, including the award-winning shaman and author Sandra Ingerman, the world-renowned authority on shamanism Michael Harner and Celtic Shamanism teacher Tom Cowan. I’ve traveled the world, practicing and learning from shamans in Tibetan, Nepal, South America, and those closer to home. I am grateful to my wise teachers and my loving and lovely helping spirits.

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Shamanic Journey classes, San Antonio, Texas, 2003 and 2005
Training Assistant to Sandra Ingerman, 2003-2009
Shamanic Expeditions to Nepal with Larry Peters, co-facilitator, 2004 and 2006


Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, 3-year program with Michael Harner, 2003

Celtic Shamanism 2-year program with Tom Cowan, 2008


Shamanic Training Received

Sandra Ingerman
Medicine for the Earth with Sandra Ingerman in Brazil, 2003
2-week visit to John of God where we observed and experienced healings, 2003
Soul Retrieval Training, 2003
2-year Teacher Training, 2004
Medicine for the Earth, 2003
2-week Shamanic Healing Intensive, 2001
Shamanism Dying and Beyond, 1999
5-day Soul Retrieval Training, 1999

Michael Harner
The Way of the Shaman, Shamanic Journeying, 1999
6-week follow-up series with Sandra Harner, 1999

Carol Proudfoot
Shamanism & the Spirits of Nature, 2000
Bear Medicine in Montana, 2000

Larry Kessler
Hawaiian Shamanism, 2003-2010

Larry Peters
Shamanic Expeditions to Nepal, 2002
Aama Bombo
Shamanic ceremonies and healings with Tibetan shamans and Nepali Shaman, 2002

Grounded in Spirituality

My experiential learning includes more than 30 years (1969 to 2001) living in Ramagiri Ashram, the residential headquarters of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation, founded by Eknath Easwaran. Ashram life involved intense meditation practice balanced by the practicalities of living and working with 50 people, the ashram family.