3 Session Package



Package of 3 sessions with Sarah

Initial 90-minute Healing Session and two 60-minute follow-up sessions

Remote by phone or Zoom

a savings of $68.


Contact Sarah for these options:

  • Previous clients have the option to purchase 2 additional sessions for $300.
  • Can be used for mentoring sessions.


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All Sessions are cancelled while we are Safe-at-Home.

This package of 3 sessions gives you the opportunity to maximize and internalize the benefits of your healing beyond your initial healing, to receive and absorb the healing on a deeper level so you can integrate the healing and the gifts that are coming back for you.

One 90-minute session and two 60-minute follow-up sessions.

Follow up sessions to your initial healing session help you embrace and integrate the gifts that are coming back to you, and can show you ways you can integrate the healing and the gifts to make changes needed to improve your life and circumstances.

This might include things such as discovering:

  • a greater sense of security, well-being, and joy
  • how to make the returned essences of you feel at home
  • what new patterns to establish in your life or lifestyle
  • an increased and deeper understanding of your relationship to nature
  • insights about the place you live and the spirits of your home, which can make everything easier and more harmonious in your life
  • guidance for improving the energy in your home.
  • welcome back positive qualities that went away during times of trauma
  • a release of what doesn’t belong with you.
  • what activities and intentions to use to deepen your understanding, experience, and your journey skills

Studying with Sandra Ingerman gave me a lot of opportunity to learn different ways to really embrace the healing work and different ways that people can integrate it into their everyday lives. You don’t have to change your whole lifestyle; you may make important changes by choice.


If everything seems to be going wrong in your life – job, relationships, home – a series of shamanic journeys can change it all for the better.

One woman said “everything” in her life was going wrong. She couldn’t find a tenant for her rental property. Through journeying, she received suggestions for actions to take to clear the bad energy in the rental unit. Everything changed. She got a very high-paying job, and found a good renter.

It’s simple and it’s based on the truth that everything is connected. You bring your energy and intention to the sessions, and it will get results. So be careful what you ask for!


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