Celtic Shamanism: Soul Matters




Early Bird $247 until July 20, 2019

Saturday and Sunday, July 27-28, 2019

10am – 5pm each day

Sebastopol, CA




Celtic Shamanism, as taught by Tom Cowan, combines universal core shamanism with traditional European spirit lore for practices that can heal and enrich one’ own life and the lives of others.

Sarah has studied extensively with Tom Cowan, and has his permission to share his work with you.

Our class is a maximum of 12 people.

No drugs, alcohol or plant medicine used.
Coffee, tea and snacks provided.
Please bring your lunch.


Pre-registration required. Space is limited.

Bring a blanket, eye-covering, and a drum or rattle if you have one.

No drugs, plant medicine or alcohol involved.



You have taken a class or workshop that gives you the ability to journey for yourself to connect with a helping spirit.

New to Shamanic Journeying? Join my beginning class here.


Your Instructor

Sarah Dole


With 50 years of spiritual practice, Sarah Dole has been a shamanic practitioner and teacher since 1999.

Sarah’s Shamanic Practitioner training reads like a Who’s Who of the world of Shamanic Practitioners. She studied under Sandra Ingerman and assisted in some of her trainings, and with Tom Cowan and Michael Harner (Foundation for Shamanic Studies).

Through meditation, shamanic journeying and healing techniques, Sarah helps her clients achieve positive change and higher understanding.

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  1. HI Sarah
    I am still dreaming about coming to your Workshop on September 29th & 30th….
    I do see a very few regular clients on Saturdays in the afternoons and wonder if I can either reschedule them or miss 2 hours of the Saturday class…..
    I Know things will get clearer closer to the time but I wanted to let you know it is on my mind!
    Also will we devote more time to the upper world? That is really where I need to go and need to develop some skills…..does this workshop devote time to the upper world on Sunday?
    love Ruthie

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