Shamanic Healing Session

How to prepare for your shamanic healing session

Before your shamanic healing session, it helps to set your intention to being open to receiving healing. If you like, you may ask for a dream to help you open your heart, mind, and soul to new possibilities. I also suggest you refrain from alcohol for 24 hours before and after our session.

To begin your shamanic healing session

At the beginning of the healing session we will clarify and set the intention for our work together on your behalf, whether it is for healing or for perspective on a situation or problem. I always ask to be shown a helping spirit or power animal that will support your healing and integration of the gifts of wisdom and insight you will receive.

During your shamanic healing session

During the ceremony, you may sit or lie down comfortably while the healing takes place. Healing work may include drumming, singing, and rattling. You may hear bells or the sound of a conch. There is little or no speaking. This is a quiet time of gentle change and integration.

Closing your shamanic healing session

After the session, I will share with you any information that I received on your behalf. You may ask questions or simply rest in the gentle healing energy. The ceremony closes with an expression of thanks to the spirits and a request for blessings for you in the continuation of your healing and well-being.