Why I Love Shamanism

Here’s a ten minute video about my journey from skeptical to doing Shamanic Healing for others.

Hear some stories about how my clients have been deeply affected by Shamanic Healing.

Shamanism is an ancient way of connecting with all of life.

In my practice, I don’t use alcohol, drugs or plant medicine. In the tradition of Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman, I use shamanic journeying to the beat of the drum to connect with the helping spirits.

An example of shamanic healing is soul retrieval work. When we are in a car accident or suffer trauma, or when we have surgery, the last thing we want is to be fully present, so part of ourselves goes away to be safe. And that part doesn’t always know when it’s safe to come back. Shamanic healing can restore a sense of well-being that might have been lost.

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