What Is Shamanic Journeying and How Might It Help Me?

Free Presentation

Monday, October 21, 2019

at SoCoHA (Sonoma County Healing Academy)

6741 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol, CA

in Gravenstein Station near Coffee Catz

from 6:30-8:00pm

(707) 293-5496 (Phone will be off once we begin at 6:30)


What is Shamanic Journeying and how might it help me?

You will have a chance to experience a Shamanic Journey to the beat of a drum and meet your Power Animal.

Learn what Shamanic Journeying is, and how I went from skeptical to enthusiastic about Shamanic Journeying.


No experience necessary. No drugs, plant medicine or alcohol involved.

Bring a blanket, eye-covering, and a rattle if you have one.

Learn about the practical applications of shamanic journeying
What are Power Animals and how can they help?
How can I use journeying to connect with nature spirits?


About Power Animals

A power animal is a spirit helper in animal form. Your power animal shows up to help YOU: to advise, empower, protect, offer healing and to play with you.

A power animal may come to you in a dream, in physical form, through shamanic journeying or be revealed by a shamanic practitioner.

You may have one or many power animals. The power animal is the essence of the power of that animal. Each animal has its own special gifts.

It’s up to you to discover your connection and develop this relationship.

Singing, dancing, writing poetry and doing artwork about your power animal will bring deep satisfaction and remind you of your connection. Pictures, statues, beanie babies and photos will help you to remember your connection.

A daily practice of honoring and thanking your power animals will enhance their presence in your life.
You can use shamanic journeying to find your power animal yourself. Journeying is a wonderful way to find out how you and your power animal will work together!

Practical applications

Travel: your power animal can be your travel buddy, smoothing the way for you and offering protection and guidance.

At work: your helping spirit can give you perspective and clarity. It can empower you when you have challenging situations in meetings, interviews or projects.
Family situations: your power animal can help you stay strong and loving. It can help you remember your sense of humor.


About Sarah Dole

Sarah Dole

With nearly 50 years of spiritual practice, Sarah Dole has been a shamanic practitioner and teacher since 1999. Sarah studied under Sandra Ingerman and assisted in some of her trainings, and with Tom Cowen and Michael Harner (Foundation for Shamanic Studies).

Through meditation, shamanic journeying and healing techniques, Sarah helps her clients achieve positive change and higher understanding.